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Helvetia was created not only from diplomatic relations, but also out of war. There is no longer bloodshed amongst the people of Helvetia, though, as they now prefer to express their rivalry another way. They do it by way of a new sport: the Helvetia Cup.

Helvetia Cup is a game of simulation Football that blends tactical skill, strategy and luck and is set in a fantasy world, with each player acting as a coach in epic games and titanic championships. Helvetia Cup has both a family version and a geek version.

Short rules description:

  • In Helvetia Cup 2 Fantasy Teams compete against each other.
  • You play the Coach of a Soccer Team composed of 9 players. For each game you choose 1 goalkeeper, 4 players and 2 substitutes.
  • Each player is defined by its abilities, as for example dribble, shoot, tackling, pressure, clearance. Each turn you can move all your players. One hexagon movement is free, if you want to move more you need to spend boost. If a player has no more boost then all its abilities are divided by two.
  • After the movement, if the defender has a player in the same hex as the ball, he could try some actions; For example, to steal the ball or tackle. If the offense still has the ball, he can try to shoot or pass.

El Pack incluye las Expansiones:

Frozen Board.

Tournament Box: in this box, you'll find the necessary to organize Tournament
The box contains :

  • A second Totomat.
  • 2 more dice D20.
  • A time marker.
  • A memo to record your score and team progress.
  • A normal game board. At the bottom, you'll find a tournament desk for the Cup and Tournament. You'll be able to write progress of the Championship on it with an easily erasable pen.
  • Number indicator tags, to make the numbers easier to see on the field.
  • 1 more balls.

Deluxe Box: contains :

  • 1 miniature cup.
  • 2 prepainted miniature stars (the Medusa and the Genius).
  • The player, Power and Legend Cards in relation to the Stars.
  • 4 new goals with a beautiful new design.
  • 40 boosts in form of potions.

Extension Ogre: Grisa is a mountainous land! The Ogres are friendly. They have a very strong team spirit but their strength and love of others are often a problem for the opposing team. In fact seeing Ogres gobble up a piece of their opponent is not a rare sight. Before winning, the opponent needs to stay in one piece! "
In this box, you'll find the necessary to play the Ogres Team: 9 pre-painted miniatures, Player Cards, Power Cards…

Extension Vampire: The Vampires Team has won the Helvetia Cup many times before. Strongly hierarchical and deceptively strong, the Vampires are not that tough, but they should be approached with caution. Their motto: "One for all and all for me!". In this box, you'll find the necessary to play the Vampires Team: 9 pre-painted miniatures, Player Cards, Power Cards…

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Ficha técnica
IdiomaInglés, Francés, Alemán, Italiano
Número Jugadores2
Edad mínima recomendada10+
Duración45 minutos
EditorialHelvetia Games