Against the Odds 50: Die Atombombe The Reich's Bid to Build the Bomb (Inglés)

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Die Atombombe The Reich's Bid to Build the Bomb is a Card Game for 2 to 5 Players. EachPplayer represents a Faction inside German Government, Industry or Military Circles, seeking to engage one of the Reich's prestigious Research Institutes to start work on a Nuclear Program. Acting through the Director of each Center, Players will need to size matters up, recruit other Scientists, acquire scarce resources (plus spy on their rivals, this is the Third Reich remember) and certainly go all out if they hope to develop Atomic Weapons...

...Or some Players may instead focus on mastering and commercializing the secrets of the Atom, hoarding both knowledge and resources for the "glorious post-war economy" they fondly imagine is sure to come after the war has been won through more conventional means.

Progress is slow at first, the Russians are far away and enormity of the effort seems clear early on. And there are always other Weapons more desperately needed now.

As the course of the War darkens for Germany, Players may see more official support being thrown their way, or engage in fruitless bickering among themselves over the best theories and resources required to succeed. Their finest Scientists may even be drafted to serve as simple Soldiers at the front!

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Número Jugadores2-5
Edad mínima recomendada14+
Duración30-120 minutos
Número de Cartas108
EditorialAgainst the Odds

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