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Game: Kursk 1943, II – The Souther Pincer
Historial period: Second World War, East front
Rules and scenarios : 5 pages. Rules published in Magazine Alea # 31 is needed
1 player aid sheet
2 maps, size 410 x 290 mm.
450 counter and markers not die cut

Game rules. English translation available

Page. 11. Portugal and his influence over the Spain history
Page. 15. The battle of Illipa, 206 BC.
Page. I. Kursk : The Souther Pincer. The ofensivo of South Group Armies, (4 – 17 th. July, 1943)

Page. 7. España 1936. Analysis
Page. 9. 1936, Guerra Civil. Analysis
Page. IX. Dossier Central. Battle of Isly, scenario for Dios, Patria y Rey, map and counters, (Alea # 32).
Page. XI. Dossier Central. Battle of Nördlingen, scenario for Donde no se ponia el sol, map and counters, (Alea # 30)
Page. XII. Dossier Central. Battles of Bomboná and Tampico, scenarios for Libertadores, maps and counters, (Soldados y Estrategia # 12)
Page. XIII. Dossier Central. Somosierra and Madrid combats, 1808. Scenarios for Shadow of the Eagle series, maps and counters
Page. XV. Dossier Central. Battle of Brunete. Expansion rules for Madrid scenario, (El Eco de los pasos, España en llamas, Soldados y Estrategia special issue)
Page. XVII. Dossier Central. Battles of Monte Hacho and Cartagena. Counters. Scenarios for Cien cañones por banda, (naval combat 1750 – 1850). (Soldados y Estrategia # 22)
Page. XVIII. Dossier Central. The battle of the Nile, 1798. Scenario for Trafalgar 1805
Page. XX. Dossier Central. Hombres y tanques, Krasnij Borj, Rusia 1943. Scenario for ASL
Page. XXI. Dossier Central. Gernica, aerial units. Expansion for: 1936, Guerra Civil. 9 new color cards
Page. XXII. Dossier Central. Prokhorovka, 12 Th July 1943. Scenario for Second World War miniatures
Page. XXIII. Dossier Central. 2nd. Punic war in Hispania. Scenario for miniatures play with Iberos, Overlords of the Peninsula
Page. XXV. Dossier Central. The battle of Illipa, 206 BC. Scenario for miniatures (rules Field of Glory)

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