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Beware, foolish mortals, for this month the Nightvault opens! Not only do we have the full lowdown on this new edition of Warhammer Underworlds, we also have news on the Beasts of Chaos, Adeptus Titanicus, a Kill Team Battle Report and plenty more besides, including a completely free Booster Pack for Warhammer Champions, the Trading Card Game, featuring 13 Cards for your Collection. It’s a packed issue and no mistake! Also included are the usual Battle Reports, painting guides and Designers’ Notes, all the hobby love you need in October:


  • Planet Warhammer. It’s a return to the Underworlds, an awakening of the dead and some beasts in the woods this month in Planet Warhammer…
  • Contact. Ask Grombrindal goes badly wrong… find out how.
  • Temporal Distort. Back to 2003, when it seemed all worshipped the Dark Gods…
  • Getting started with… Kill Team. It’s time to pick your Specialists and head for the Killzone.
  • Opening the Nightvault. A new Core Set for Warhammer Underworlds brings magic and dangerous new warbands to the city of Shadespire.
  • Golden Demon. See the champion of champions, the Slayer Sword Winner from this year’s Golden Demon: classic painting competition.
  • Illuminations: Hall of Fame. We open the Hall of Fame’s doors to another piece of great Games Workshop Art, this time chosen by Kevin Chin.
  • ’Eavy Metal Masterclass. Freehand. A word spoken in awe and terror by many painters, find out how the ’Eavy Metal Team manage it.
  • The General’s Almanack. Martin and Rhuairidh, our generals from this month’s Battle Report, talk about their tactical approaches to gaming.
  • Battle Report - Chaos Resurgent. From the wild and tainted places of the Mortal Realms come the Beasts of Chaos, renewed and reinforced. See them in action in this month’s Battle Report.
  • The Gellerpox Uprising. Robin Cruddace and Stu Black duke it out in our first ever Kill Team Battle Report.
  • The Ultimate Guide To the Titan Legions. Join us for a deeper examination of the God-machines of the Imperium, the mighty Titans of the Collegia Titanicus.
  • Battles in Middle-earth. Where to go after Pelennor Fields? We have ideas.
  • Grotz On Da Loose! Storm Stainton has painted a complete army of the little green nuisances and you can check it out here.
  • Battleground: the Cathedra Chirosius. You’ve probably heard that the new Sector Imperialis kits can be combined to make even larger buildings. You might not quite believe just how big, though, until you see this…
  • Paint Splatter. A first for Paint Splatter, a stage-by-stage Painting Guide for the new Warhound Titans for Adeptus Titanicus.
  • Realms of Battle. Gather round the herdstone, beastkin, witness our top tips for making Scenery feel even more a part of your Collection.
  • Readers’ Models. A Gallery of Models painted by you, our readers.
  • In the Bunker. What have the Dwarfers been up to this month?
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