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Winter War: Finland versus the Soviet Union, 1939–40: The Winter War was a boost for Allied morale. After the German-Soviet overrunning of Poland in September 1939, Finland showed that a small country could stand and fight.

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  • Five Days at Oosterbeek: The Destruction of the British 1st Airborne Division: The British role in the airborne component of Operation Market-Garden in September 1944 is legendary. Having failed in its objectives, 1st Airborne was trapped at Oosterbeek, and pummeled for five days, escaping with only 20 percent of its troops.
  • Destruction of Beta Convoy: British Royal Navy use of Ultra intercepts and radar combine for a devastating nighttime ambush of Italian Beta Convoy.
  • USS Wahoo: A Lady Comes of Age: After Japan’s surrender, her surviving admirals and generals counted the submarines as the greatest single factor in the Allies’ final victory. The submariners who achieved all this comprised just two percent of America’s wartime naval personnel. Wahoo was the preeminent sub of the Pacific war.

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