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Star Wars X-Wing: Diales, Tokens y Accesorios (Foam Tray)

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Foam tray for Star Wars X-Wing dials, token and accessories. The tray fits small and large cards (with or without sleeves), dials (with or without Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit) and token.

The 45 mm. thickness for this foam tray is the result from 10 mm foam base and foam tray with 35 mm. effective height.

  • Dimension of the Feldherr half-size (HS) foam tray: 275x172x45 mm. height.
  • The foam tray perfect fit in the Feldherr bag: Mini, Mini Plus, Medium, Maxi, Messenger, Hard Case, Backpack and Storage Boxes.
  • 1 Cut-out for large X-Wing cards.
  • 1 Cut-out for small X-Wing cards.
  • 3 Cut-outs for X-Wing dials.
  • 5 Cut-outs for token, dices and other stuff.
  • Made in Germany.

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