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End of Empire: 1744-1782 - The British Empire in North America (Inglés)

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End of Empire

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End of Empire: 1744-1782 - The British Empire in North America is a 2 player game covering the 3 great conflicts fought on the North American Continent between 1744 and 1782: King George’s War (sometimes known as the Old French War, which was part of the War of the Austrian Succession), the French and Indian War, part of the Seven Years War (known in England as the Great War for Empire), and the American Revolutionary War. The French and Indian War ended the French Empire in Canada; the American Revolution ended the British Empire in the 13 American Colonies.

Each End of Empire Game Turn represents 2 months time. Each year consists of 1 Spring turn, 2 Summer turns, 1 Fall turn and 2 Winter turns. Each hex is approximately 20 miles across. Units are mostly regiments but a few represent other sizes, each step represents approximately 250 men.

End of Empire: 1744-1782 - The British Empire in North America features 2 Maps showing Eastern North America. Each hex or town contains natural and/or man-made features that can effect the movement of Units and the combat between Units.

Game mechanics are quite straightforward (End of Empire uses a modified turn based system) making even the Monster Scenarios playable. Leadership sits at the heart of the Game System. Most units are severely constrained in their abilities unless stacked with a leader, who himself needs to pass an initiative die roll to do anything. Reaction allows stationary units of the non-phasing player to have impact.

End of Empire: 1744-1782 - The British Empire in North America is an Epic game and perhaps the most detailed coverage of the critical period that saw the Empires of England, France, and Spain exit North America and the rise of the United States of America. With fifteen (yes, 15) Scenarios, End of Empire represents plenty of value for your gaming dollar.

Contents: Two 22x34 inch Maps, 5 Countersheets (9/16” size) & Replacement Counters, 1 Rulebook, 1 Scenario Book and Multiple Reference Cards.

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Ficha técnica
Número Jugadores2
Edad mínima recomendada14+
Duración360-1080 minutos
EditorialCompass Games