Star Wars X-Wing: Tantive (Foam Tray)

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Especially for the Star Wars X-Wing Tantive IV (CR90) tailored foam tray. In this contribution not only to the Star Wars X-Wing Tantive IV (CR90) takes place safely, but also the accessories, such as bases, tokens, stand and there is still room for X-Wing space ships like the HWK-290, Tie Fighter and others.

  • 1 Compartment for a Tantive IV (CR 90).
  • 1 Compartment for Bases, Motion templates.
  • 1 Compartment for ship card and large playing cards.
  • 1 Compartment for stand.
  • 1 Compartment for tokens / markers or another spaceship on Base.
  • 5 Compartments for tokens / markers or each another spaceship on Base.
  • Fits in all Feldherr full-size bags and cases!.

Dimension Feldherr Full-Size (FS) Foam Trays: 345x275x90 mm.

The 90 mm. thickness for this foam tray is the result from 10 mm. foam base and foam tray with 80 mm effective height.

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