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Las Mansiones de la Locura: Viajes Escalofriantes (Foam Tray Set)

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In addition to new Scenarios, Mythos Events and a new Puzzle for the App, the Expansion 'Horrific Journeys' for Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition comes along again with detailed Miniatures and lots of game material. In order to store these neatly and well protected in the box, we have the matching Foam set for you:

  • The Set fits exactly into the original Board Game Box of the 'Horrific Journeys' Expansion for Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition.
  • It holds all Miniatures and the entire game material.
  • The Lid of the Board Game Box protrudes approx. 2 cm.

The Set consists of:

  • 1 Foam Tray with 8 compartments.
  • 1 Foam Inlay with 9 compartments.
  • 1 Foam Topper.

One large Foam Tray fits perfectly into the original Game Box. The Tray is divided into 7 smaller Compartments for Miniatures and Game Accessories, and 1 large Compartment for the Foam Inlay. This separate Inlay (without Foam Base) can accommodate 3 Investigator figures and 4 Monster Miniatures. Each Miniature is assigned a matching Compartment. These are placed here isolated from each other in precisely fitting Compartments. This avoids collisions, protects the sensitive parts from breakage and painted Miniatures are spared from scratches and flaking colors.

Upon this Mat is still enough space to store the 18 Map Tiles and the 4 Investigator Cards.

For the Formless Spawn Monster, 1 Compartment is reserved on the large Foam Tray. Also the Investigator Silas Marsh, as well as the remaining 2 Monster figures find a protected place here. The small Cards, such as Spell or Condition Cards, get a Compartment with a finger-wide recess.

To sort the Tokens, 4 Compartments remain on the Tray and the Inlay. Hereby, your Miniatures are safely stowed away and the game material is clearly arranged and quickly available.

Finally, the matching Foam Topper ensures that the contents do not hit the lid during transport and that everything remains in their Compartments. Your Box is therefore well prepared for the journey to the next game:

  • The Foam Tray has the dimensions: 285x285x85 mm. total height (75 mm. usable height + 10 mm. Foam Base).
  • The Foam Inlay has the dimensions: 178x178x40 mm. total height.
  • High-quality, fine pored Foam.
  • CFC-free.
  • Chlorine and acid-free.
  • Made in Germany.

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