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Last Eagles: Ligny 1815 (Inglés)

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Last Eagles

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Nota: se incluyen las reglas en papel traducidas al castellano.

Last Eagles: Ligny 1815 is the third title of the Eagles of France series after "Fallen Eagles (Waterloo)" and "Rising Eagles (Austerlitz)".

At Ligny, Blucher accepted battle with Napoleon assuming that Wellington would not be too far. The French nearly achieved a decisive victory which could have changed completely the dynamic of the Belgium campaign.

This game will link up with a coming release Quatre-Bras 1815 to provide an ultimate experience at this scale of the 16th of June 1815 battles that could have decided the campaign before Waterloo.

Historical battle and smaller scenarios will be available with the same set of rules. But this games adds variable reinforcements rules as a variant. Both sides will be unsure about what they could get. Using the fog of war rules, players will be as close as possible to the real life situation. No more helicopter view and automatic historical insight.

Components: 4 Countersheets, 2 backprinted Maps (A1 size), a Series Rules Booklet, 1 Playbook, 18 Play Cards, 10 full color Play Aids, 2 Dice and 1 Box.

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Ficha técnica
Número Jugadores1-4
Edad mínima recomendada14+
Duración60-600 minutos

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