Last Will (Inglés)

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In his Last Will, your rich uncle stated that all of his millions will go to the Nephew who can enjoy money the most. How to find out which Nephew should be rich? You will each be given a large amount of money and whoever can spend it first will be the rightful heir. Visit the most exclusive Theatres or eat in the most expensive Restaurants. Buy old properties for the price of new ones and sell them as ruins. Host a huge party in your Mansion or on your private Boat. Spend like your life would depend on it. Spend to become rich! If you're the first to run through the money on hand, you'll receive the rest of his inheritance? Oh, and win the game.

In Last Will, each Player starts with a certain amount of money, an individual player board, 2 errand boys and 2 cards in some combination of properties and helpers. At the start of each round, lay out cards from the appropriate decks on the offering boards; the 4 regular decks are Properties, Companions, Events, Helpers and Expenses, with special cards forming a deck of their own. The particular mix of cards varies by round and by the number of players.

If a Player has no money and no properties, he declares bankruptcy and the game ends at the conclusion of that round; otherwise the game ends after 7 rounds. The player who has the least money (or even who is most in debt) wins.

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Ficha técnica
Número Jugadores2-5
Edad mínima recomendada14+
Duración45-75 minutos
Número de Cartas140
EditorialCzech Games Edition

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