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World at War 91: Trerzhuang (Inglés)

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W91 Stalin’s First Victory (1929) & The Battle of Taierzhuang (1938) This game includes two separate and distinct battles. Both battles use many of the same rules and concepts, however for ease of play, the rules are separated into two distinct rule sets. The first set of rules cover Stalin’s First Victory and the second The Battle of Taierzhuang. Both games are low complexity two-player grand tactical games.

Stalin’s First Victory: Covers the five-day campaign between the Soviets and Chinese that determined the outcome of the 1929 Sino-Soviet War. Each hex on the map represents 1.25 miles or 2km. Each game turn represents one day. Units of maneuver are battalions, companies, and regiments.

The Battle of Taierzhuang: Covers the fighting that climaxed in the first (failed) Japanese offensive of 1938 in China. Each hex on the map represents .25 miles or .4km. Each game turn represents two days. Units of maneuver are Japanese infantry battalions and tank companies; and Chinese regiments.

22 x 34-inch game map with both battles; Stalin’s First Victory 48 5/8-inch counters; Taierzhuang 128 5/8-inch counters.

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