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1944 D-Day to the Rhine (Inglés)

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1944 D-Day to the Rhine

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D-Day to the Rhine, 1944 is the follow up to, Battle of the Bulge 1944. D-Day to the Rhine, 1944 follows WWII on the Western Front from June of 1944 until March of 1945.

As the German player, you will set your defenses to meet the Allied landings. As the Allied player you will land and try to break out and drive across France as quickly as possible. Can you cross the Rhine and break through the West Wall before Christmas?

The game includes variable objectives that are picked before the game begins creating a great sense of tension as neither player truly knows his opponents objectives before the game begins.

Optional rules are included for landings other than in Normandy, and hidden German units.

Most of the objectives for victory are the elimination of enemy units and for the Allies getting into Germany before 1945.