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For over 2000 years the Chinese have tried to dominate their neighbors to the south. The last time was 1979 when the PRC invaded Vietnam in response to the latter's invasion and occupation of Cambodia. That War lasted about 4 weeks before China withdrew, having declared its Mission accomplished. Now, the old foes are at it once again. Sparring over the resource rich areas of the South China Sea, both sides have been slowly edging toward the precipice of War. That day has now come.

Next War: Vietnam is the 5th game in the Next War Series. This Game returns the action to Asia and the powderkeg surrounding the South China Sea. This time the Chinese don't intend a limited, punitive Expedition; they intend to squash the burgeoning threat from their southern border once and for all and prove, through force of Arms, that the South China Sea is theirs. Building on the Naval Rules showcased "Next War: Taiwan", Players will have a chance to fight over the Spratly and Paracel Islands once again, as well as the mountainous jungle of North Vietnam.

If the U.S. gets involved, it might finally Land Troops in Haiphong Harbor and march on Hanoi, albeit as a relief force and an ally to its former Enemy. The question is what will the rest of the Region do? Will they join a side or stay neutral?

Next War: Vietnam will also allow Players to play a combined game with "Next War: Taiwan" and with the rules in the latter game, adding on "Next War: Korea" as well for what would amount to the Pacific Front of World War III. Ownership of any previous Next War Series will not be required to play Next War: Vietnam.

There are several Standard Game Scenarios. Some are small and focus on limited Objectives, while at least one will be a Campaign Game encompassing the entire Map. Similarly to previous Games in the Series, the Advanced Game Scenarios will be divided into various starting points representing different levels of build-up before the game begins.

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Número Jugadores1-2
Edad mínima recomendada14+
Duración240 minutos
EditorialGMT Games

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