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The Deadly Woods: The Battle of the Bulge (Inglés)

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The Deadly Woods

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In December 1944 Hitler launched a massive offensive against the weakly held Ardennes Forest Section of the Allied front in Belgium. Achieving complete surprise, the Germans nevertheless faced tough resistance from the Battle's Opening Days and the offensive was virtually over 10 days after it began. Their followed a bloody Allied Counterattack which gradually erased the bulge the Germans had created in the Allied line.

The Scale of the Map (which takes up about 2/3rds of a standard 22x34" Map Sheet, the rest given to Tracks, Charts and Tables) is at 3 miles to the hex. Allied Units are mostly Regiments and Brigades, with most German Armor and Infantry Divisions divided into 2 Kampfgruppen (Battle Groups), German Artillery, Greif Commando Teams, Infantry Trucks and the Von der Heydte Paratroop Unit are included as Asset Markers, as are Allied Artillery, Scratch Units and Engineers.

The Game runs from December 16, 1944 to January 16, 1945 when the Allies reunited their divided front by recapturing the key town of Houffalize. Each turn through December 31st equals 2 days and the turns in January are 3 days long. The Full Campaign lasts 13 turns while a Scenario for just the German offensive is 6 turns long. But with The Deadly Woods' chit System and its multiple Action Rounds, a lot can happen in only 6 turns. 

Armor is severely limited in moving through other Units along roads and bridges and at projecting ZOC into Woods Terrain. Combat may result in losses, retreats, surrender or stalemate. Each turn should take roughly an hour for Players who know the rules. The German Player can win an instant victory by exiting Units off the north Map edge west of the Meuse or by holding 5 Objectives at the end of a turn. Otherwise the Game is won on Geographic Victory Points (the Germans also gets Victory Points for crossing the Meuse in supply, even if they are forced back across the River, so he has a reason to push even when the arrival of the British makes an Instant Victory impossible).

Contents: 22x34" Map, 1.5 5/8" Countersheets, 1 Rulebook, Player Aids, 1 Playbook and 1 Game Box or Ziploc.

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Language Inglés
Número Jugadores 1-2
Edad mínima recomendada 14+
Editorial Revolution Games

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