Greenland (Inglés)

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Imagine you are a Tribe on an Island slowly freezing over. The Supply Ships stop coming, and the only means to survival is intermarriage to discover the survival secrets of the other cultures: Tunit, Vikings, Inuit, Sea Sami.

In Greenland you get to play through a momentous period of Human History. You play as one of the peoples who attempted to colonize Greenland during the Middle Ages.

This version of Greenland also includes the little-known Sea Sami Expansion Pack.

Contains: 63 Cards, 4 Elder Boards, 72 Custom Meeples, 4 Large Meeples, 52 Disks for Energy, Ivory and Iron, 10 Dice and Instructions.

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Ficha técnica
Número Jugadores1-4
Edad mínima recomendada12+
Duración60-120 minutos
Número de Cartas63
EditorialRio Grande Games

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