Wurst Case Scenario (Inglés)

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Worst Case Scenario

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Total chaos in the Wurst Factory! A batch of bad Sausages has been produced and on top of that, they are alive! The only solution is throwing them on the conveyor belt and eventually they'll fall in the meat grinder so they can be processed again and become tasty sausages fit for human consumption.

But the Sausages will struggle to survive. They want to stay alive as long as possible so they will run away from the meat grinder and push the other Sausages in front of them. But they will also have to keep an eye out for the Must-ard who will give them commands they must follow. They can also turn to the May-onnaise who will give them some options they might use. And don't forget the Ketchup. What's a sausage without Ketchup?

Wurst Case Scenario is a funny very lightweight family game. The players are dealt an identity card randomly and they keep their identity a secret.

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Ficha técnica
IdiomaInglés, Alemán
Número Jugadores2-6
Edad mínima recomendada8+
Duración15 minutos
EditorialJumping Turtle Games