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Rome, INC. by designer Philip Jelley is a Solitaire Game of the Roman Empire from Augustus in 27 BCE to Diocletian in 286 CE. The Player (as CEO of this vast corporate Empire), appoints consuls and governors, raises taxes, deploys legions, fleets and auxiliaries to garrison provinces, and fights wars to expand the prestige and power of Rome.

Governors are used to Fight Wars, expand the Empire and develop Provinces, but may make themselves Caesar through assassination or rebellion. New Imperial Dynasties change the Rules of the Game, provide new Units and determines who will succeed when Caesar dies.

The Map consists of Provinces grouped into Military Commands such as Britannia and Syria, each commanded by a Governor. Provinces may be controlled by Barbarians, Allies or Insurgents, which can be conquered and developed into peaceful tax-payers. Beyond these are the Homelands from where Barbarian Wars and Enemy Leaders pillage their way from province to province until defeated.

There are 4 Scenarios starting in 27 BCE, 70 CE, 138 CE and 222 CE, which may be combined into Campaign Games. Each turn represented 5-10 years, with 10 turns in each of the 4 Scenarios.

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Número Jugadores1
Edad mínima recomendada14+
Duración180-240 minutos
EditorialAgainst the Odds

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