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FAB: Golan '73 (Inglés)

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In FAB: Golan '73, you will command highly mechanized Forces and maneuver them across the rocky terrain of the Golan Heights. You will find new asset types to aid your cause such as SAM’s, mortars and anti-tank guns. Battle specific Events include Operation Dugman 5, Strategic Reserve Releases, the GHQ Air Raid, Lt. Zvicka Greengold, Electronic Warfare, the Syrian Frog-7 Missile Strike and more. New Terrain features in Golan '73 include escarpment, wadi and the anti-tank ditch, known as the Purple Line. Helicopter-borne air-assaults and special rules for the first night are included to add more historical flavor from this important Campaign.

The Israelis start with few Units but gain strength as reinforcements arrive, but will there be enough and will they get there in time? The Syrian Player starts with a very strong force, but must attack at the right places and rely on rapid breakthrough across the Golan Heights in order to seize the Objectives. Time is against the Syrians, with not only the Israeli Reserves arriving, but also as the SAM Barrier gets reduced and the effectiveness of the Israeli Air Force grows. The Syrians must strike hard and fast, then fight to hold on to their gains.

Both Players have a degree of variable setup that allows enhanced replay value, but still keeps the historical flavor. A historical setup is also provided for those that wish to more closely follow History.

In FAB: Golan '73, the FAB Series meets Modern Warfare and now you are in command to fight one of the greatest Tank Battles ever fought.

Contents: 63 Wooden Blocks (plus some Spares), 1 Sheet Die-cut Labels for the Blocks, 228 Die-cut 9/16" Counters, one 22x34" Deluxe Cardboard Map, 1 Rules Booklet, 1 Play Booklet, 4 Player Aid Cards and four 10-sided Dice.

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Language Inglés
Número Jugadores 2
Edad mínima recomendada 12+
Editorial GMT Games

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