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Crimea: Conquest & Liberation

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Crimea: Conquest & Liberation

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Crimea covers the series of campaigns in the Crimean Peninsula during the war on the Eastern Front. Several scenarios cover the period of Axis ascendancy during the period September 1941 – July 1942. The Soviet resurgence is represented by scenarios from September 1943 – May 1944.

The map area covers all of Crimea, the Taman peninsula as far east as Krimsk, and southern Ukraine from Kherson to Mariupol.

Crimea can be played as a set of standalone scenarios or as an addition to the OCS game The Third Winter, where it considerably changes that game’s southern map boundary.

Crimea is a low-counter density, small OCS game. There are 560 combat units, and one 22x34 map at a scale of 5-mile hex/3.5 days turn. Seven scenarios are included so players can start at different points in the action.


  • Rite of Passage (Initial German offensive, 28 turns), 26 Sept 1941 to 26 Dec 1941.
  • Tiger by the Tail, (Soviet counteroffensive, 20 turns), 26 Dec 41 to 1 Mar 42, can be combined with Rite of Passage scenario.
  • Eviction Notice (Operation Trappenjagd, 4 turns), 8-19 May 42.
  • Operation Störfang (Assault on Sevastopol, 10 turns), 5 June 42 to 5 Jul 42.
  • Cross of Iron (Taman peninsula, 36 turns), 26 Sept 43 to 22 Jan 44, also the setup to combine with The Third Winter 26 Sept 1943 campaign start.
  • Sword of Damocles (Crimea setup for combining with The Third Winter 26 Jan 1944 campaign start).
  • The Liberation Offensive (Soviet reconquest, 11 turns), 8 Apr 44 to 12 May 44.

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Data sheet
Language Inglés
Número Jugadores 2-4
Edad mínima recomendada 16+
Duración 120 minutos
Editorial Multi-Man Publishing

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