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Magic the Gathering: Universes Beyond - Assassin's Creed (Beyond Booster Box)

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Magic the Gathering: Beyond the Multiverse

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The Animus has a new destiny: Magic: The Gathering. Take a leap of faith into a new form of the game you love and find the real-world weapons, characters, and locations that await you on the battlefield. The only way to uncover the secrets of the past is to follow in the footsteps of the assassins before you, and if you've learned anything, it's that you must act quickly and accurately, but never show your hand.

Beyond the Multiverse packs offer a select experience with each pack. Inside you will find characters, objects and classic moments from your favorite Beyond the Multiverse stories.

Each Beyond the Multiverse booster contains 7 Magic: the Gathering cards, of which there will be 1-4 rare cards or higher rarity, 3-5 uncommon cards, and 0-1 land cards. There is a traditional foil highlighted mythic rare card in less than 1% of packs.

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Language Inglés
Editorial Wizards of the Coast

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