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1940: Swallows of Death - Moroccan Troops in the Battle of France

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In August 1939, France’s Armée d’Afrique mobilized ten Moroccan infantry regiments; all of them would fight in the coming campaign in France, three of them forming the elite 1st Moroccan Infantry Division. The “Swallows of Death” already carried a fearsome fighting reputation from the trenches of the First World War, and they would only add to their black swallow insignia’s legend in the Second.

1940: Swallows of Death is an expansion book for our Panzer Grenadier: 1940 The Fall of France, focused on the exploits of Moroccan troops in the 1940 campaign. You get 30 new scenarios for 1940: The Fall of France, plus 88 new die-cut, silky smooth pieces showing the Moroccans in their own special color scheme plus elite French recon troops, horsed machine-gun units and the unusual WT15 tank destroyer. The crack horsed cavalry of the Spahis Marocains get their own pieces and scenarios, too.

Scenario design is by Philippe Léonard, with the book organized into six chapters with battle games for each to link them together. And as you expect in an Avalanche Press book, plenty of historical background. You’ll need 1940 The Fall of France and Road to Dunkirk to play the scenarios.

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Language Inglés
Número Jugadores 1-2
Edad mínima recomendada 12+
Duración 60-300 minutos
Editorial Avalanche Press

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