Paper Wars 94: Fall of Siam (Inglés)

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The relationship between the two Ancient Asian superpowers of Burma (currently Myanmar) and Siam (currently Thailand) was long, bloody and well documented. Burma and Siam clashed constantly, involving at least 17 separate conflicts that in turn resulted in at least 6 sieges of the Siam's Capital, Ayutthaya, over a 300 year period. Twelve of these conflicts ended in Burmese victory. The 1767 Siege of Ayutthaya ended in the great capital’s total destruction. 

Fall of Siam attempts to give players the opportunity to face each other with historically similar Armies under similar circumstances. It involves Elephants, Chinese intervention and Siege Rules.

First and foremost, Paper Wars is a Wargame Review Magazine. Each issue includes approximately 6 or more detailed Game Reviews on both new and old Wargames. We don’t discriminate against the older games here...

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Número Jugadores1
Edad mínima recomendada14+
Duración120-240 minutos
EditorialCompass Games

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