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Maori: Warriors of the Long White Cloud (Inglés)

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The time: about 1450 AD. The place: the Polynesian Island chain of Aotearoa, now known as New Zealand. The Clan Chiefs have always struggled for control of your Island, since it was first discovered (totally uninhabited) many generations ago. But now, population pressures have added new impetus to these clashes and the traditional divisions of North Island are ready to collapse into the chaos of War. Will you succeed in becoming New Zealand’s sole paramount Chief? Or will you and your Warriors be on the Menu of your Opponent’s Victory Celebration?

Maori: Warriors of the Long White Cloud is a Card-driven War Game that puts you in charge of a complex Society as you try to impose your will on your Neighbors- using essentially Stone-Age Technology. Players begin the Game on the North Island of Aotearoa, in charge of only a single Iwi (or Tribe). Other Players are scattered across the map, with the many intervening iwi still neutral in this power struggle. You must use your force of will to recruit neighboring Iwi, using their People and resources to increase your power base. You begin with almost nothing, so you must train population into a fighting force, build War Canoes and expand your Base by building and fortifying new Villages. Should you focus on building a large land force or building fast and flexible War Canoes? You decide!

The double Deck of Action Cards determine the tempo of the Game. In your turn, you play one Card, either for the Event or for the Operations Points. The number of Cards in your hand is determined by the number of Villages you control. Ops points can be used for either building or moving. Nearly all of the Cards are different, so you will never know what opportunities your Opponents might have, the Cards are filled with curses and omens and natural disasters. Many Cards are Reaction Cards, allowing you to interrupt your Opponents’ Plans or augment your Combat.

Contents: one 22x34” Mounted Map Board, 2 Sheets of large 3/4" Counters, 110 Action Cards, 4 Player Aid Cards, 1 Rule Booklet with designer’s notes and four 6-sided Dice.

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Data sheet
Language Inglés
Número Jugadores 1-4
Edad mínima recomendada 12+
Duración 60-90 minutos
Editorial Compass Games

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