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The Late Unpleasantness: Two Campaigns to Take Richmond (Inglés)

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The Late Unpleasantness

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In the spring of 1861, Richmond, Virginia became the capital of the Confederacy. Being a manufacturing powerhouse only 120 miles from Washington DC and the Confederate capital, it became the focus of Union attention. The threat of capture by Federal Forces was constant.

The Late Unpleasantness: Two Campaigns to Take Richmond covers the two major attempts to capture the Confederate Capital City:

  • The Gates of Richmond covers the Seven Days Battles with Robert E. Lee facing down George McClellan. The Gates of Richmond Map covers the area from Richmond in the west to the White House on the Pamunkey, and from Mechanicsville south to Harrison’s Landing. Key features such as Malvern Hill, Beaver Dam Creek and the bridges over White Oak swamp and the Chickahominy are highlighted. Will the Union army fail to attack the Richmond works as a result of “Prince John” Magruder’s antics?
  • If It Takes All Summer is Ulysses S. Grant's overland Campaign of 1864, which added the names of Wilderness, Spotsylvania Courthouse and Cold Harbor to Civil War history. If It Takes All Summer covers most of Central Virginia, from Brandy Station and Culpeper to the Cold Harbor north east of Richmond. The Wilderness features prominently in the campaign with a special table to create some of the confusion as a result of fighting in this tangle.

Each game stands alone, but share the majority of rules. Simple enough to learn and play in an evening, but enough twists and turns to make you want to replay it until it is worn.

The Maps use a point to Point Movement System, rather than hexes to simulate the campaigning over the road networks and river crossings, rather than mass movements cross country. Combat is integrated into the movement, making coordination of large bodies of troops difficult.

The Basic Units are Divisions (a bit larger than usual for Civil War, but right in this case). Each Unit is listed for strength and overall leadership/morale quality. Stacks are hidden for limited intelligence. Corps and Army leaders are available to modify the die roll in an attack as well as to help coordinate attacks from more than a single stack.

Contents: Two 22x34" Maps (One for each game), 3 Countersheets, 2 Decks of 55 Playing Cards (1 for each game), 2 Rulebooks (1 for each game) with examples of play, 1 Player Aid cards with Charts and Tables, Three 6-sided Dice and One Box and Lid Set.

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Language Inglés
Número Jugadores 2
Edad mínima recomendada 13+
Duración 120-240 minutos
Editorial Compass Games