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Q-Workshop: The Witcher - Vesemir (The Old Wolf)


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“No Witcher’s ever died in his own bed". Many a Witcher has been cut down in the midst of battle early on in their Monster slaying career, but Vesemir lived a long and eventful life on the Path. From Member of the School of the Wolf to Mentor of many Young Witchers, his adventurous life endowed him with experience and knowledge unlike any other, and it was this he generously shared with the Next Generation.

This is who this Special Dice Set in a beige and brown color theme is dedicated to, carrying a clear font of digits, with intricate engravings of a time-worn School of the Wolf Symbol adorning the highest value faces. The Coin featured in the Set shows the walls of Kaer Morhen keep, while the obverse is adorned by the side profile of Vesemir’s wise face.

The Witcher is more than a Profession or a Single Character. The Witcher is an entire Universe created thanks to the Stories of Andrzej Sapkowski, in which choices and motives are never simply black and white. Colorful, full of unique charm, rich in non-standard phenomena and described with lingual artistry, it later became the basis for Video Games, Comic Books, Tabletop RPGs, as well as Movies and TV Series. If you know The Witcher from any of these sources, you know how enthralling this Universe is. For us, People who grew up with the Stories from the World of The Witcher, the possibility to create dDice based on its famous and beloved Characters is an honor. We have taken our time to carefully consider all the possibilities of both designs and color themes, now visible to you in the form of the final product. These Dice are born from passion and we’re proud that the person to receive them is someone who can appreciate them as much as we do... That someone being you...

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