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North Sea 1914: Jutland Scenarios and Battle Analysis

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Great War at Sea: Jutland

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Great War at Sea: Jutland Second Edition is a game tightly focused on the Battle of Jutland in May and June 1916. Jutland: North Sea 1914 extends the story into the battles that happened, or could have happened, before the Battle of Jutland: Helgoland Bight, the Scarborough Raid, the Yarmouth Raid and more.

Jutland: North Sea 1914 adds 43 more scenarios to Jutland Second Edition, all of them set in 1914, the first year of the Great War. During these early months, leaders on both sides thought they could reach a decision at sea, and that they needed to hurry, since the war would be over by Christmas time.

We use the same approach as Jutland Second Edition: a deep dive into the history of the campaign, using the game scenarios to help tell the story. It’s taking the old advice to “Show, Don’t Tell” to a whole new level. You don’t have to be content with just reading about the campaign, at the key moments, you can play out the situation and see why the admirals made their choices, and how you might have done better (or not).

You’ll need Jutland: Second Edition to play most of the scenarios, and Cruiser Warfare Second Edition to play all of them.”

Note: This is designed to expand Jutland Second Edition which is the 2023 version of GWAS Jutland. Older printings of Jutland First Edition may lack some of the rules that are in the Second Edition core rules.

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