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Peak Courage: The Battles for Mount Hermon (October 1973)

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Peak Courage: The Battles for Mount Hermon (October 1973)

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At the very beginning of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Syrian commandoes captured the Israeli strongpoint atop Mount Hermon in a daring surprise attack. Despite clear intelligence that a Syrian attack along the Golan Heights was imminent, the Israelis were caught completely by surprise by the Syrian attack at Mt. Hermon.

Shocked by the fall of their outpost, the Israeli High Command resolved to retake the position. In a series of two bloody attacks the Israelis eventually recaptured Mount Hermon, but at a devastating cost to both sides’ forces, who exhibited peak courage throughout the battle.

In Peak Courage, the Syrian player is outnumbered but their forces are firmly entrenched on the high ground. Ambush attacks can be deadly, and there is at least some degree of parity in terms of artillery and air support. The Israeli player has a variety of forces at his disposal, but bringing them all to bear will cost VPs, and can also leave them vulnerable to attack if entering via Airborne Movement.

Components: One map 11"x17", 80 die cut counters, Rules with players aid chart (Ziplock).

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