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Game inside: Nordkapp: The Arctic convoys (1942-1945)
Historical period: Naval war. Second World War
6 page rules and 3 scenarios
2 aid player sheets
2 maps size 410 x 290 mm, 1 for each player
240 counters and markers not die cut

Page I. Dossier Central. Nordkapp: The Artic convoys
Page 11. The zenith of Asturias kingdom. Battles of Polvoraria and Valdemora (878 AC)

Page 7. Iberos, Overlords of the Peninsula. Analysis
Page 9. Basic library. Battle of Ebro, SCW
Page XII. Dossier Central. Battles of Samsa and Uad el Jelu. Map and counters, not die cut. War of Africa scenarios, (Alea # 28)
Page XIV. Dossier Central. Battles of Ayahuma and La Puerta. Map and counters, not die cut. Libertadores scenarios, (Soldados y Estrategia # 10)
Page XVII. Dossier Central. Batlle of Dertosia, 215 BC. Miniatures scenario, ancient period
Page XVIII. Dossier Central. Battle for Champs, Ardenes 1944. Miniatures scenario, second world war period
Page XX. Dossier Central. The Spanish Civil War and ASL Rules
Page XXIII. Dossier Central. Caza de Conejos. Escenario ASL scenario SCW

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