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The Last Hundred Yards Vol.2: Airborne over Europe (Inglés)

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The Last Hundred Yards Vol. 2: Airborne Over Europe is the 2nd Game in Mike Denson’s Last Hundred Yards Series. It includes 2 major Campaigns featuring numerous Missions covering small Unit actions conducted by US Airborne Forces in the Normandy and Market Garden Operations.

In the Operation Overlord Campaign, follow the elements of the American 82nd and 101st Divisions beyond the Normandy beachheads. After being scattered over a large Area in Normandy on the night of June 6th, they struggle to assemble and secure their objectives to support the advance of the American Units landing at Utah Beach. Later Missions feature them defending against the inevitable German reaction and counterattack. Follow Lt. Dick Winters as he leads his platoon in taking out the Artillery Battery at Brecourt Manor near Ste. Marie-du-Mont and then faces a Counterattack from elements of Col. Von Der Heydte’s 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment.

In the Operation Market Garden Campaign, follow the 82nd Airborne Division after landing south of Nijmegen in the early afternoon hours of September 17th as they race to secure critical bridges over the Waal and Maas rivers, as well as those over the canal between them. Follow Lt. Foley and his Men as they defend Devil’s Hill against German Counterattacks on the Eiesenborne Ridge Groesbeek Heights, a mere 2-3 miles from the German Border. While the 82nd lands around Nijmegen, the 101st Airborne Division lands north of Eindhoven and begins its own race to secure its assigned Bridges over the river Dommel in Eindhoven, the Wilhelmina Canal in Son and Best, and the Bridges over the Zuid-Willemsvaart and river AA in Veghel. Experience the Counterattack by the German Kampfgruppes Hüber and Walther as they cut the main highway near Veghel. It took two critical days of hard fighting for units of 101st Airborne and British XXX Corp to reopen the corridor.

This Game will introduce Airdrop and Night Rules, as well as new Terrain to the Series. Successfully landing Airborne Troops at Night, assembling them from a dispersed condition and advancing against unknown Enemy Resistance to secure your Objectives will prove a thrilling challenge in this new Game.

Note: this Game is a Stand Alone Game. It does not require ownership of "The Last Hundred Yards" to be played.

Contents: 1 Game Box, 6 Double-sided Geomorphic Maps, 1 Full-color Rules Booklet, 1 Full-color Playbook, 3-4 Mission Cards (10 Missions), two 9/16” Counter Sheets, two 3/4” Counter Sheets, 2 Combat/Terrain Charts, 1 Game Turn Track and 4 Dice.

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Data sheet
Language Inglés
Número Jugadores 1-2
Edad mínima recomendada 14+
Duración 120 minutos
Editorial GMT Games

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