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Battlefront: Late War Card Supplement (Inglés)

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The Late War Supplement expands the Battlefront WWII Rules by adding the other major combatant of this period, the British. Our Late-war Card Supplement contains 107 unit cards printed in cardstock.

    60 British/Commonwealth Cards
    9 New US Cards
    17 new Russian cards including Lend-Lease equipment
    15 new German cards
    6 replacement/correction cards

The British. The British were in the war against the Germans from the beginning, and by the 1943-1945 period they fielded a variety of equipment, both of their own manufacture and also provided by their U.S. allies. The countries belonging to the British Commonwealth were usually organized along similar lines to the British, and this supplement allows you to add theseforces to your battles. Also found in this supplement are a variety of late-war units that fill out the some of the less common unit types used in the 1943- 1945 period.

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