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Manila: The Savage Streets, 1945

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Manila: The Savage Streets, 1945

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After years of jungle fighting and island hopping the battle for Manila was the first urban fighting experienced by American forces during the war in the Pacific. The campaign by the American XIV Corps to defeat Iwabuchi’s forces and capture the city has been depicted in a handful of two-player designs in the past but is presented here in a new and exciting SOLITAIRE format, the second in a series of single-player area movement games by publisher Take Aim Designs.

Manila: The Savage Streets, 1945 puts the player in charge of the attacking and far more mobile American side while the game system handles the defending and largely static Japanese side. No two games will ever be the same. Each turn presents new and unique challenges for the player in the form of random events, uncertain supply deliveries, and unknown Japanese area strengths and defensive strategies.

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