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Cobra: The Normandy Campaign (Inglés)

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D-Day, 6 June 1944, was just the first step toward the final defeat of Nazi Germany. Over the following 7 weeks, the Allies battered their way through the tough bocage country while the Germans scrambled to keep a line together. By the end of July they had run out of tricks and the Allies were on the verge of a massive breakout.

From D-Day to the break-out, Cobra: The Normandy Campaign allows you to play out the Allied Invasion of Normandy and the break-out from the Peninsula in one complete game. One Player or Team commands the Allies, the other the Germans. Victory depends on the Allied breakout and relative casualties. Command Regiments, Brigades, Divisions, Corps Headquarters and Special Units. Valuable motorized and mechanized Units gain additional movement and can overrun Enemy Units while moving. Combat rewards careful planning; getting Headquarters and Supplies to the right place at the right time enhances your Combat Power.

From June 6 to August 23, Cobra: The Normandy Campaign recreates one of the most daring and dramatic Battles of World War II. The beaches are waiting. Scenarios:

  • Battle of the Buildup (14 Game Turns: 6 June to 15 July). A special D-Day landing routine brings the Allies ashore.
  • Cobra (14 Game Turns: 16 July to 26 August). Starting from the historical positions as of 16 July, the Allies must break out of the bridgehead and push columns off the Map while the Germans battle desperately to maintain a cohesive line.
  • Campaign Scenario (28 Game Turns: 6 June to 26 August). The entire Normandy Campaign is covered from the D-Day landings to the final breakout.

Contents: 2 full size Map Sheets, 280 Counters, Rules Booklet, 1 Campaign Analysis Booklet and one 6-sided Die.

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Language Inglés
Número Jugadores 1-3
Edad mínima recomendada 14+
Duración 60-120 minutos
Editorial Decision Games

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