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Vae Victis 171: La Chute de L'Empire Inca (Francés)

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The sixth game of the Gold & steel series, Pizzarro 1532-1537 Conquest of the Inca Empire is a historical simulation featuring the “first war of the worlds”; Spain, the rising European power and the South America dominant civilization, the Quechua people.
This a medium to high complexity 2 players game. One turn is 2 months, and the game is played in 6 turns (scenario 1) or 18 turns (scenario 2).
One player plays the role of the Inca Empire and its Indian allies and the other player plays the Conquistadors led by Fernando Pizarro and his brothers.
The objectives are to take control of the different territories (Cuzco, the main capital), to win pitched battles or major sieges, to eliminate units, leaders and the Emperor!
This is both a strategic & tactical game with armies and garrisons evolving on the main strategic map showing Meso-Indian South America and units fighting on a tactical map featuring a typical XVIth century battleground.
Spanish units are swords & bucklers, arquebusiers, crossbowmen, ginetes (light cavalrymen), and early cannons (from 40 men at full strength, 30 horsemen or 2 cannons of all calibers). The Inca units (Quechuas, All other Indian peoples) and guard units such as Hanan and Hurin, javelins throwers, bowmen, axemen and most feared by Spaniards, the slingers and bolas throwers (4 000 men per unit).
The ambience of that period is added with tactical chits with specific application for the fights – shooting and close-combat – (for the Conquistadors: war dogs, infantry or cavalry charge, fight to death, kill the leader, Santiago!, tercio, palisade and for the Incas: arrows and javelins harassment, scary noised, flaming stones, shock, hidden units, smoke) and events such as rain, sacrifice, fight to death, no fight or betrayal.
The complete sequence of a turn:
I/ Spain
1) Reinforcement, replacement, withdrawal, recruitment
2) Strategic move
3) Attrition phase
4) Combat phase (battles & sieges)
II/ Inca Empire
Same sequence
III/ Diplomatic phase
Change of alliance
Check for victory

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