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Warfighter: WWII Battle of Saint-Lo! (Expansion 62)(Inglés)

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Following the invasion at Normandy, the push into the French hinterland grew bloody and savage as the German forces dug into the obstructed bocage country, leaving the Allied progress stymied. Because of its strategic importance, the occupied city of Saint-Lô had been the target of repeated Allied bombing.

The protracted resistance around the city was the hardest fighting of the campaign thus far, and its subsequent liberation after a bitter struggle left the city as a broken, ramshackle shell of ruins - yet setting the stage for Operation Cobra, which would decisively shatter the German defensive line and open the way to Paris.

Warfighter: WWII Expansion #62 – Battle of Saint-Lô adds 56 cards to your Warfighter WWII Missions! This is a Soldier pack with new Hostiles, Soldiers, Vehicles, Locations, Missions, Objectives, Service Records, and Skills.

A design diary of this pack can be found here -
—description from the designer

Errata: There are typos on two NPS cards which give them the Pioneer Skill. As a workaround, substitute another Skill of equal value, e.g. Focus, Marksman, Guts, etc. These will be fixed in the next update kit.

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